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ends to use her influence as a performing artist to raise public awareness on children's health.She has been visiting ▓projects supported by UNICEF and its partners in vario▓us parts of Kenya that are geared toward promoting m▓aternal and children's health.Some of the UNICEF-funded projects in Kenya have achieved remarkable resul▓ts in

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r Breastfeeding and Early

increasing breastfeeding rates and reducing ▓neonatal mortality."What is even more ▓encouraging is that with the advocacy effort of UNIC


Childhood Developme▓nt.She ha

EF, Kangaroo Mother Care has been popularized in majority of maternity hospi▓tals in Nairobi," said Ma."I have seen that m▓any premature b


s in the last couple of year

abies lie on the mother's chest every day to have intimate contact with t▓hem," she added. Evidence has shown that a close contact between mothers and their ba

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